Speaking of Donald Glover, one of my favourite songs off his most recent album is transformed into a provocative video.


A lot of people are hating on Kendrick’s opening verse but I think it’s the best part and sets the tone for the rest of the song. It wouldn’t capture the Spiderman vibe without Kendrick. All these African-Americans becoming involved in the Spiderman film (behind-the-scenes) makes it even more disappointing Donald Glover wasn’t able to audition for the role. He would be the perfect Spiderman character!

While this isn’t the type of song I want to hear when I listen to Wiz Khalifa, after watching the video I like the song. Sounds very drill.

I think Hoop Life could be Lil B’s best project of all time.

Kanye West’s Grammy tribute to his mother with a revised - even more moving - version of Hey Mama.

My favourite remix of Rather Be by Clean Bandit that I’ve found - remixed, slowed down and to some extent chopped by DWYR.